As Mark Doherty, founder of Aqua Vita Farms, began operating the Northeast's first commercial scale indoor aquaponic farm calls began to pour in looking for training and consulting services. Currently there exists a massive interest in Controlled Environment Agriculture and Aquaponics however there are few individuals who have real world experience operating commercial scale facilities and systems. Entrepreneurs, investors and hobbyists all deserve the best information possible in this emerging market. This is where Aqua Vita Farms Consulting comes in.

AVFC is designed to address the needs of those entering the field of Controlled Environment Agriculture particularly those seeking to utilize Aquaponic and Hydroponic technologies. Consulting services provided include Feasibility Studies, Business Plan Development, Site Evaluation, System Design, Bio-Filtration and Mineralization, Staff Training, Marketing and Business Development. Industry specific trainings are provided quarterly at our Central New York location and can be conducted at your location. AVFC brings value to entities in all stages of development, from start-up to going concerns.